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New Orleans, LA, USA


POLP was founded in 2022 with the goal of giving musicians and music fans a path to escape the algorithms of the major streaming platforms and social media. A place where listeners can freely explore the frontierof vast sonic landscapes before them. A place where artists can build their career without chasing the next TikTok trend or schmoozing playlist curators.

How It Works

The core features of POLP are the feed, where music is streamed and discovered, profiles, where users share information with their community, and the community management tool, where artists can research, interact, and transact with their listeners and collectors. Collectors are owners of an artist's digital collectables, which can be collected on POLP or elsewhere.

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If you are an artist, please contact Matt Lee directly through social media or email.

Socials: @matt_p_lee
Email: matt@polp.app

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